Chelou ft. Polly Nor

February 7, 2017

Yesterday I stumbled upon the music of Chelou. What first caught my attention was that his music video for ‘Halfway to Nowhere’ which is illustrated by Polly Nor. Anyone with a Tumblr account is familiar with her illustrations of women and devils, and rightfully so – her work is badass. I’ve always adored Polly Nor’s work and the prospect of seeing a three-minute video story of her work seemed like a great idea.

I ended up loving the song and listening to Chelou’s entire catalogue of music on Apple Music. Chelou is a London-based artist (as is Polly Nor) and has garnered quite a reputation for mystery – many of his fans had no idea what he looked like until very recently.

I would describe his music as being blue and moody in the best possible way. It’s the kind of music you listen to after a night out, lying on your bed in the late afternoon with the breeze blowing softly through an open window. It’s strangely calming and easy to get into. Give it a listen.

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