Hello Again!

February 5, 2017

It has been a minute since I updated this blog, and trust me, it has been weighing on my conscience. There is no guilt quite comparable to the guilt you feel when not updating a blog that took you so much time and energy to create – even if it feels like your dad is the only person who ever reads it.

Since my last post I have packed up my entire life in Cape Town, moved across the country to Port Elizabeth, found a new house, cleaned repainted furnished it , took on 3 new freelance clients, was in a car accident, spent a week in hospital (unrelated to the accident) and underwent surgery (turns out my ovaries won’t be winning any awards for efficiency). So perhaps the overwhelming silence of Oh, Sister isn’t entirely due to laziness on my part.

All of that is over now, and I am more ready than ever to pour my heart and soul into this platform, no matter who reads it.

As a born and bred Capetonian, with approximately ZERO friends in Port Elizabeth, I have found it quite difficult to settle in and find cool places to visit – places that appeal to the perhaps overly indulged, slightly haughty, cooler-than-thou Cape Town mind-set which I didn’t even know I had until moving here.

So in an effort to find the real Port Elizabeth, connect with rad people, and maybe make a few helpful suggestions to visitors, I have added a new tab to my blog called the “PE City Guide”. Keep an eye out!

Here’s to revival – both IRL and URL.



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