Return of the Diary of a Movie Junkie

February 15, 2017

A lot has changed in my life over the last few months. What hasn’t changed is how many movies Jean and I watch in the average week. It’s a problem. A wonderfully entertaining and relaxing problem.

Anyway, I thought it time I did a follow up on my first ‘Diary of a Movie Junkie‘ post! Just like before I have linked the trailer for each movie in the title. I have also added the Metacritic score for each movie, for you film snobs out there.

Happy watching, couch potatoes!

The Accountant

While I appreciate that so much money, time and effort was put into making accountants seem “cool”, this movie didn’t get much more than a shoulder-shrugging “okay” out of me. Obviously Ben Affleck is always great (Gigli forgiven), and Anna Kendrick was the perfect quirky, rambling counter-point to Affleck’s overtly macho “strong and silent” character. But. The movie had some huge plot gaps and random telenovela- style twists near the end, all of which makes the movie feel kind of ridiculous and¬†inelegant. Honestly, my favourite thing about this movie is the Radiohead song in the trailer. Oh, and Jeffrey Tambor who deserves a post of his own.

Metacritic score: 51%


The only thing nearing laughter this movie got from me is a 2 second snort at seeing Zach Galafianakis in a blond wig and anaconda contacts.

Don’t bother.

Metacritic score: 47%

The Edge of Seventeen

I loved The Edge of Seventeen!

It follows Nadine, a neurotic Freaks and Geeks-style high school reject, who has to deal with her best (read: only) friend’s new relationship with Nadine’s popular jock brother.

The movie as a whole is far from perfect, but Hailee Steinfeld is truly great as the protagonist Nadine. Her fast-paced, snarky dialogue is perfectly delivered throughout the movie and Woody Harrelson is such a treat as Nadine’s witty teacher.

If you’re into coming-of-age stories, characters with awkward ironic charm, and many many cringeworthy adolescent incidents, watch this movie!

Metacritic score: 77%

The 13th

This is such an important documentary.

Every single person should watch it, especially if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t “get” why non-Americans care about Trump’s presidency. The 13th is very upsetting at times, but it is so necessary. This documentary is jam-packed with facts and informed opinions, delivered by some of America’s most knowledgeable scholars. It will change your perspective on what it means to be a “criminal” and the US prison system is general.

Watch it!

Metacritic score: 90%

Don’t Think Twice

This movie tells the story of ‘The Commune’, an improv group of best friends each trying to get their big break in the New York comedy scene.

I really loved this movie. It was a window into a world most of us know absolutely nothing about. The whole concept of improv comedy is damn scary – standing in front of strangers acting out scenes with no preparation, relying on those around you to catch your lines and act along – it takes balls of steel. So to see the characters in Don’t Think Twice deal with their own insecurities and personal obstacles in the pursuit of such a demanding art form was truly great.

This movie doesn’t glamorize the whole improv/ comedy scene. In fact, this movie feels very honest. Don’t expect to laugh for 90 minutes –¬†Don’t Think Twice is a bittersweet portrayal of friendship lost, the cost of having great ambition and the sacrifices everyone has to make in the pursuit of their passions.

I really recommend it!

Metacritic score: 83%


Let me know if you end up watching any of these – would love to know what you guys thought!


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