Gallery Wall Wishlist

February 17, 2017

Ah, the gallery wall. A staple of the modern home.

Since the first walk through our new house, Jean and I knew we wanted to make a comfortable, creative space where we can be surrounded by all the art, music, colours and books we love. One of the easiest ways in which to surround yourself with life-giving, beautiful things is by simply hanging pictures on the wall, right?

We still have to finish repainting the walls, because the previous tenants went with a chocolate brown bottom and pale purple top combo which, well… just wasn’t my taste, but I’ve already googled and regoogled print ideas for a gallery wall above our couch (perhaps a tad prematurely). Ideally I would like to dye our couch covers first and add some colourful cushions like these at Hertex, but one thing at a time.

Deciding what goes on your gallery wall can be quite difficult, especially if you want it to have a cohesive look at the end. There are a few key things you could consider to make the selection process easier, a guideline of sorts, to give yourself an idea of the elements you want for the wall. Here are my suggestions to help you find your gallery wall wishlist:

  1. Inspiration. A print of one of your personal heroes/ heroines. I’m thinking of going with this picture of Patti Smith, one of the many goddesses that guide and inspire me on the daily.

2. Creative Spirit. A print by one of your favourite artists or illustrators. I might go with something by  Nimura Diasake or Tallulah Fontaine (below).

3. Pretty Pictures. A print of a favourite photograph by a favourite photographer, in my case anything by John Gutman, William Eggleston or any of the New Documents photographers – Friedlander, Winogrand (picture below), Arbus.

4. Words. Text art adds a great modernist touch to pretty much any gallery wall. Anything from poetry to song lyrics to a single word. I love the art of Christopher Wool, but there are great DIY options on Pinterest like this:

5. Posters. A vintage movie poster print, or a band poster perhaps. An old magazine cover or newspaper headline print is perfect too! I like these movie posters by Martin Ansin.

5. Gap Fillers. A few minimalist, simple but chic gap-filers like these you can find online are perfect for completing your wall!

All together, following these “guidelines” my gallery wall might end up looking like this (thanks Photoshop!), which I think looks pretty good! What do you think? I can’t wait to make it a reality.


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