Christian Lacroix Forever

February 21, 2017

Ah, Christian Lacroix. A man so eccentric, Elton John is like “whoa, that’s a bit much”*. There are few designers I so thoroughly enjoy as I do Chrisitan Lacroix – the man’s use of colour and pattern borders on genius. I wish he could design/ decorate every room in my home, infusing it with all the extravagant detail and bird-of-paradise theatricality he is so well known for.

In lieu of his personal decorating services, though, I would gladly take the smallest of what he has to offer. Maison De Jeu Playing Cards, for example. Lacroix recently released a two-deck collection of playing cards, each card with its own unique design depicting the atmosphere of vintage French gambling house. And wow, from what I have seen these cards are gorgeous.

Yes, they’re over the top and they’re definitely extravagant, but considering that most of us might never be able to afford anything by this French design¬†god, playing cards are a perfect, attainable piece of fashion history. ¬†Honestly, I don’t know how to play poker or even blackjack (I’m ashamed to say), but with cards like these I’d be even more keen to learn.

Lacroix also has some insanely pretty stationery, if that’s more your thing!


Cover image by Stephanie von Becker

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